Monday, 24 April 2017

Cross Inn, Llanon

Last night I put my trap on inside the house close to a closed window and was pleasantly surprised to find a number of moths had been attracted to it and had settled on either the window or the walls.
New to me were a Streamer, Shoulder Stripe and Dotted Border. The reason I had the lamp indoors was that I had foolishly allowed a battery to totally discharge and somebody told me that the only way to 'repair' it was to charge it while under load.
I'll try again tonight.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

White-spotted Pug

This Pug was caught last night near Llanrystud by Aline.
You can clearly see the white spots on the side of the abdomen.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Away fixture

I also trapped away from home yesterday evening, in woods just outside Aberystwyth. In 45 minutes the trap attracted Brimstone (2), Small Phoenix (4), Water Carpet (3), Purple Thorn (2), Least Black Arches (2), Pale Prominent, Early Tooth-striped and Brown Silver-lines. Also found this Caloptilia cuculipennella at dusk:

Flame Carpet

Following on from my earlier post, I think I have resolved my iPad problem by using Chrome as my browser instead of Safari.

Cross Inn, Llanon

Its still pretty quiet in our garden but I had an early Flame Carpet last night together with the ubiquitous Hebrew Characters.

I seem to have a total nightmare with blogger when I try to upload photos from my iPhone or iPad. If I can see photos at all, the screen is very unstable and starts wandering all over the place!  Are their any other Ceredigion Moths Bloggers who use either of these with greater success so that I can perhaps have a chat? I'm trying to work out if it is blogger or me. There used to be a blogger app but it is no longer available.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Llain, Cross Inn

Visiting friends I ran one white Hall-Robinson trap in their garden last night and the night before. Excluding the male emperors, the garden recorded 24 species on the 19th and 20 on the 20th. I have some pugs to chop, I'm not as good as Ina at id'ing them. Just under 30 species for the 2 nights effort and some very well fed bats. Topping the count list was Hebrew Character with a 2 night tally of 68, followed by Common Quaker with 47, then Brindled Beauty with 35. Nice to record Frosted Green, Lunar Marbled Brown, Powdered Quaker, Dark Sword Grass and Oak Nycteoline amongst the usual crew. The garden brambles that I helped restore back to the boundary had Stigmella aurella mines and inside the house (don't tell them!) there was Endrosis sarcitrella.Peter Hall
Llain: Dark Sword-grass

Llain: Grey Birch

Llain: March

Llain: Powdered Quaker

Llain: Yellow-barred Brindle


Ina discovered another moth from last nights trapping, and it is our second Blossom underwing of the year, following one at Ynys-hir on the 28th March. This is the 12th county record since 2000 and the 74th in total. The recent 3rd edition of the field guide does not show Ceredigion on the distribution map, but this should be corrected in the forthcoming atlas. Its national status is "Local and Immigrant". All records since 2000 have come from Tregaron northwards with no coastal records, which could indicate that they are resident.
Tony & Ina