Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Ynys-hir - female Emperor

Lots of moths last night in two traps.  Too many to count at the moment but just a few highlights with captions below.
Ina & Tony
Barred Umber

Broken-barred Carpet


Emperor - female

May Highflyer

Poplar Hawk-moth

Purple Bar

Rustic Shoulder-knot

Scorched Wing

Syndemis musculana

White-spotted Pug

Clouded Silver

White-pinion Spotted

Chamomile Shark

A first for my garden near New Quay last night was this Chamomile Shark. Unfortunately one wing seems damaged.
Chamomile Shark

dark streaks extending into fringes

Other new for the year :-
Foxglove Pug
Small Angle Shades

Sunday, 13 May 2018


Last night's garden traps were short on numbers, but Iron and Pebble Prominents were welcome. This macro had me puzzled for a while ...
Clouded-bordered Brindle ab. combusta
... I don't recall recording this variant before.

No micros overnight, but one in the garden yesterday. I feel like I have to re-learn these tortrids every spring, but I think this one is Epinotia immundana.

Puss moth at Soar Y Mynydd

Very pleased to catch this last night as I think its a first for me. Stunning pattern especially on bottom of abdomen.  Pictures courtesy of Silke's Samsung S7 as my little Lumix's battery died on me.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Ynyslas in the Afternoon.

We had a walk around the dunes near the visitor centre and across the road to the caravan park side.
Lackey webs were still quite small on the dunes side but bigger on the other side.
Not a great deal flying around except St.Mark's flies but we did manage one Emperor moth and a few larvae.  Lots of Winter Moth caterpillars on various trees - they eat any broadleaf tree - there is a small Elm and the larvae on that were not as green (more grey-green) but still Winter Moth I think.

Drinker larva

Lackey web

Small Lackey web

Winter Moth larva

Bye-bye Mr Toad!

Tuesday, 8 May 2018


Two actinic traps on the coast last night (one didn't work!).
Seventy eight moths (77/1) micros still thin on the ground, of twenty species.
Largest numbers were obviously Hebrew Character (31), Red Twin-spot Carpet (9), Brown Silver-line (6), Common Quaker (5), Flame Shoulder (3).  Other species - V-pug, Brindled Pug, Common Carpet, Powdered Quaker, Least Black Arches, Lesser Swallow Prominent, Garden Carpet,
Pine Beauty, Small Phoenix, Common Wave, Clouded Drab, Nut-tree Tussock, Flame Carpet and my favourite Muslin Moth. Why do I like the hairy ones?

Ina and Tony

Red Twin-spot Carpet & Common Carpet

Common Wave

Flame Carpet

Garden Carpet & Brown Silver-line

Lesser Swallow Prominent

Muslin Moth 

Pine Beauty

Powdered Quaker

Red Twin-spot Carpet - underside

Small Phoenix

Monday, 7 May 2018

Moth number one

A short walk up beyond Cwm Rheidol reservoir this morning. Highlight was moth number one:
Micropteryx tunbergella

Several Cydia ulicetana were showing the full range of colour variation, with Adela reaumurella and a Dyserocrania subpurpurella also present. Macros included Brown Silver-line and this Mother Shipton.